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About us

Get to know me

My name is Marta, mother of three boys: Antek, Leon and Franek. Each one is different, each one has different emotions and teaches me something new every day. But they have one thing in common: they are the most wonderful people I know. Not because they are my children, but because it is thanks to them that I have understood what I want to do in life, who I want to be, what I want to achieve, what my goals and dreams are. When dressing my sons for different occasions, birthdays or going out to restaurants or the cinema, I always had the problem of adjusting their outfits. I did not want them to look like everyone else, I wanted to show how unique they are through their clothing. After seven years of raising children, it was time for me, time to become a woman, time for self-realization and fulfil my potential.

Muskatos – a dream that comes true every day

I put everything on the line because I believe in the principle of “nothing ventured, nothing gained”. And so I did – I took a risk. It took me 11 months to set up the Muskatos brand. During this time, I have consistently followed my plan. Muskatos is my fourth child, my dream. The undeniable advantage of this particular child is that I was able to create it from start to finish as I had planned.

Values and objectives

My priority was to sew in Poland, to make it a Polish brand, a Polish production. And so it is. Each blazer, trousers, shirt or accessories – the entire collection is designed and made according to my plans, designs and inspirations. I pay attention to the smallest detail: whether the buttons are sewn on evenly, whether the lining does its job. When choosing textiles, I personally check their quality and durability, because I know that these clothes will be worn by my children and my clients’ children. I am a lover of classics and timeless elegance, which you will see in all the pieces in the Muskatos wardrobe. Check, dusty pink houndstooth pattern or subtle herringbone – these patterns reign in many of my designs, they are very close to my heart.

Why Muskatos anyway?

Athos, Porthos and Aramis, the three fearless, honourable and loyal musketeers, became the prototype for the modern image of the musketeer – the elegant and noble boy. It was the character of the Musketeer that inspired me to create Muskatos (the coincidence of characters with my three sons – Musketeers, is completely not accidental). The name “Muskatos” was created by combining the words “Musketeers” and “Kato” – a popular abbreviation for the city of Katowice (in Poland), where our brick and mortar shop operates. The Muskatos logo, three crossed sabres/needles in the shape of a shield, refers to the elite cavalry that, since the time of Louis XIII, constituted the royal bodyguard, the so-called “Musketeers of the Guard”, to which only noble-born men were enlisted

Being an inspiration to others

It has become my mission to convince parents and grandparents that Muskatos is not just a suit, this is much more than clothes – it is a work of art, made with the greatest attention to detail. It is a piece of clothing not only for grand galas, birthdays or weddings, it is also an addition to a little man’s everyday outfit. A man who can be fashionable at any age, feel comfortable and special every day. I would like the awareness of a different view of children’s fashion to become more widespread, and the attention to detail to be a sign not of pettiness but of refined elegance.

Welcome to the Muskatos Family

The Musketeers of old were righteous, noble and ready to make sacrifices, showing at the same time cleverness, irrepressible fantasy and a flair for adventure. I know that my sons, like the Three Musketeers, will also follow this principle: “one for all, all for one!” – It was this honesty, nobility, truth and loyalty that guided me in creating Muskatos. That is why the moment when little customers receive a pin from me with three sabres is so important. The moment they join our Family is quite emotional. They become part of the Muskatos Family. Will you join too?

A big hug, Marta.

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